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Reetta Vanhanen

Trainings, workshops and inspirational speeches with love and care

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Senior NLP Master Trainer and Coach, Advanced Practitioner of Generative Change

Reetta Vanhanen

I believe that all of us want to be loved and to love. We are all worthy of love. This human need is the foundation of my work using a variety of tools and methods including NLP.

Since 2000 I have inspired  thousands of people in open NLP Trainings guiding companies to tailor-made programs.

My mission is to continue to be a Creator of a world where people will be seen, heard, understood, and loved, as their own true self.


Robert Dilts. Alennettu hinta voimassa 20.4. asti!

NLPU400 Trainer & Consultancy Training

NLPU400 TRAINER 14-29.9. Kreetalla Haluatko syventää NLP oppeja huippujen opissa? Haluatko tulla mukaan Next Generation NLP:n pariin? Trainer on nlp polun syväluotaavin osuus. Tänä vuonna en itse kouluta Traineriä vaan olen mukana Kreetalla NLPU400 Trainer ja Consultancy koulutuksessa avustavana kouluttajana. Kouluttajina ovat Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier ja mukana myös upeat Judith Lowe ja Robbie Steinhouse. VASTUULLINEN JÄRJESTÄJÄ/ Affiliated NLP University Trainer and Consultancy Certification Project nlpcreece.gr, info@nlpcreece.gr Vaatimustaso: Master NLP Practitioner and tai Trainer
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